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GCC Properties is your full service rental destination. We specialize in providing full home rentals as well as rent-to-own programs that can help you and your family with the goal of home ownership. Inquire with us today.


Full house rentals in several cities. Click here to find out more information.

Rent To Own

Our World Class Rent-To-Own program helps you to get into property ownership. No matter the circumstance – new to Canada, bad credit, self-employed, or other, we are able to help.

Tenant Forms

Visit this page for all forms pertaining to tenants or rental applications.

Service Locations

We operate in several cities and towns across Ontario. See our main locations here.

Working Together – Assurance


GCC Properties specializes in family home rentals, apartment rentals, and rent-to-own programs for families.

We match tenants to the homes of their choice.

  • Tenant Services
  • Landlord Services
  • Property Management Services
  • Tribunal Services for Landlords (Forms & Representation)
  • Financial Planning Services
    • Pre-qualify tenants through a formal interview and application process
    • Match renters with the homes and apartments of their choice
    • Assist you in filling out forms and walk you through each step of the form
    • Perform on-line and on-site tours by appointment for the duplexes, apartments, homes
    • Offer financial planning services to you in building and re-establishing your credit
    • Offer Rent To Own programs so your rental money goes towards home ownership
    • Seasonal rentals, cottage rentals, storage rentals, home, duplex, and apartment rentals

GCC Properties offers you a team of property management professionals with well over 90 years of combined experience.

Some renters are seeking a quiet adult building, while others are seeking a family building. We also offer a very unique rent-to-own program for those who want to purchase a home but need time to save for their down payment or repair their credit.

For those interested in buying a home or having a portion of their rent contribute to the down payment for a future home, this may be the perfect plan for you. If you do not qualify at your bank at this time for whatever reason, we can help you achieve this goal.


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