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What is a Rent To Own Program?

A Rent To Own Program allows a person or a family the opportunity to be able to get into home ownership over a period of time.

This is an alternative way for you to enter into home ownership when you are not in the position to purchase a home at the present time. There are many reasons you may not want to or be able to purchase a home right now. We show you how you can grow into home ownership over 1, 2, and 3 years.

Home Ownership is a Big Step!

Who Best Suits Rent To Own Programs?

  • Single individuals as well as families. Anyone who is of legal age and who wants to eventually own a home can apply.

Types of homes include: townhomes, semi’s, linked homes (usually by the garage only). Single-family homes that are detached homes, and seasonal cottages can also be rent to own properties.

Life has many circumstances and there can be a number of reasons you may want to Rent To Own A Home.

Why would a person or family NOT want to buy home right now if they have the money?

  • You or your family are just getting started in life.
    Maybe you have just graduated from college or university and you may not have established any credit or enough credit yet. Banks and Lenders need to see proof of employment and a history of income in order to lend money to you for a mortgage. So when there is not enough credit or history time established, a mortgage is impossible to get.
  • You may have been married for several years, and are going through a time of transition in your marriage and this can lead to issues with credit.
  • If you are single again having gone through a divorce or losing your spouse or significant other.
  • If your family is unable to keep up with your current mortgage for personal, health or career reasons, we can assist you with your mortgage payments and help you keep your home if you have financial issues.
  • If you have lost one or both incomes in your family and are starting over in your career, we can help. Sometimes one or both income producers can be in transition therefore, we assist you in getting back on their feet with something affordable.
  • If you have some money but not all finances for a mortgage, we help with this too.

    Sometimes you just want to know you have the security of a home you are renting without the stress of having to move if it sells. Moving is not fun and it is expensive. Many families just like your want your children in the same school, and want a home that is convenient for your work and travel.

Rent to Own gives you the ability to invest in your home so you have pride of ownership and reap the rewards. If you have bad credit, no credit, or have declared bankruptcy and not in a position to get a mortgage, this program is ideal for you! Repairing your credit takes time and this program is customized to help you achieve your home ownership goals.

Whatever the reason, we help families just like yours!


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