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GCC Properties, founded by Cheryl Ivaniski, is a Wealth Building Company that inspires, empowers and coaches people just like you to start creating a solid money foundation for yourself.

Coaching programs walk you step by step (a hand holding process) and we show you how to choose and assess properties, educate you in specific profiles types for specific goals you want to achieve, help you craft offers that get you the deal, and we show you the cost of the opportunity so that you can make the choices that are right for you and your family. We help you with your goal setting exercises and align a step-by-step action plan to help you actually close on properties and achieve your goals.

Are you tired of working hard and building wealth for other people and companies? Maybe you are just tired of the 9 to 5 job, the travel time and hours you put into working for yourself or a company but you are just not getting the results for yourself.  These are usually 7 am – 7 pm days with travel time.

Are you thinking about the lifestyle you want to create for yourself and your family? Do you have a retirement plan? Do you have a plan to decrease your number of working hours due to health issues or simply because you want to spend more time with your family and doing things you want to do?

You can have this and while you have an asset creating passive income for yourself. Your investments can create the part-time income you have wished for giving you more life choices.

Real Estate is the one area where you can create your own financial independence at the rate that you want, and with the comfort level that is right for you. To create the freedom, choices and life experiences you want to have, join us today and let us show you how you can start living your life dreams with even one real estate investment property. Call today!

A Wide Range Of

Professional Development Opportunities

Whatever your Specific Learning & Education Needs are, 
We have Developed a Curriculum for you. 
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One On One Coaching

We offer courses for new investors who are not quite clear on how to start and seasoned investors who have 2,3,4, and 20 + properties who are looking for new ways to grow and diversify their portfolios. We build action plans that help you in achieving financial freedom.

Group Mentorship

We mentor groups of 4-10 people in Mastermind classes and roundtable forums. We teach you strategies to giving you the tools so you can negotiate your own deals. We teach you how to source the right property, craft your offer, negotiate your offer and manage your property.

Keynote Speaking

Our experts lead courses, speak for investment clubs, tradeshows and panels and many are featured on magazine covers and feature articles. To learn about fix and flips, buy and hold properties, single family homes and/or multi-unit properties, email us at Check out the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine Special Custom Edition- Summer 2018.

Sound Financial Advice

Business Management

► Are You Seeking to Start Establishing Credit?

► Are You Seeking to Repair Bad Credit?

► Are You Seeking to Build up Good Credit?

► Are You Seeking to Become Eligible for Your Mortgage?

► Are You Wanting to Grow Your Portfolio and  Just Don’t Know How?

► Do you Have Your Team of Experts to Guide You Every Step of the Way?

► Do you have your Realtor, Accountant, Inspectors, Lawyers, Property Management Team, Renovation Team, Accountability Coach, and Lead Coach?

► Do you Have an Action Plan of Goals and Timeframes for Achieving Your Financial Goals?

If You Have Answered Yes to Any of These Questions, You have found the Perfect Professionals to Help You Achieve Your Goals.

We Help You Reach your Financial Goals, connecting you with the Financial Architect who is right for you. You will One-on-One with your Financial Coach in your first Discovery Meeting to help you get started on your Journey in Creating Financial Freedom for You and Your Family.

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