Group Mentorship

What is this Program?

A Group Mentorship Action Series Program


This is for you if you want to purchase and invest in properties now.

The program consists of a small group of pre-qualified students who are ready and wanting to purchase a property now. At least one student will purchase a property during this program.

It is based on an 8 part series and includes group work, partner work, roundtable discussions and presentations, field trips and on-site up close and personal homes profiling and yes placing offers too. That is why it is called the Action Series Program.

Where: Each quarter there is a new training location based on the students and where they live. This is based on the demographics of the students in the program. It could be Hamilton, Niagara, Barrie, Oakville or Toronto, or others cities across Canada and the USA.

The Program is led by a team of Investors and Licensed Professionals who specialize in real estate practices and strategies.

Program’s Focus: How to locate and choose a single family home that generates income and cash flow as either a rental property or a rent-to-own property.

Why:  many people really do want to learn how to invest and are not doing so for a number of reasons such as:

  • frozen with fear
  • Don’t know where to begin, or get started and then interruptions cause them to stop
  • Don’t know what to do next as they do not have a checklist for what to do
  • Not confident if they covered the entire bases, i.e. what city, what neighborhood, what side of the street, etc.
  • Don’t know what to look for, or how to assess and profile a property 
  • Don’t know how to source and qualify a competent inspector
  • Don’t know what to look for in big-ticket items & what to watch out for
  • Afraid of putting in your offer of purchase and sale and simply getting the deal done

When:   Dates to be determined based on registration

Course Tuition:  please call our office for current pricing (416-892-1953)

Finally…the Ultimate Mentorship Action Program – Up Close and Personal!  Yes…you will actually be Purchasing Properties for Real!

This is a How To Course – you will have the opportunity and learn the skill set to purchase and invest in your own properties.


For the course outline and pricing call 416-892-1953 now!